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Spirit Sounds – Creative Coaching with Wes Carr

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The music industry can be a maze and that is why i have launched a brand new creative coaching course online for you today titled ‘SPIRIT SONGS‘.

Whether it is, unlocking your highest potential in songwriting and crafting a song, to helping you with an audition or approaching your live performance, i can help guide you and get out of your head and into your heart more.

We as artists of today, need to stick together, and this is what i aim to achieve, to create a hub for people to go to when they are hitting those writers block walls or feeling disillusioned with the music industry.

My course ‘spirit songs‘ is the first step into a new world, where people will be able to get support and guidance for what they need to help achieve their personal dreams and build their own industry with┬átheir greatest passion.

Click here to register now!

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