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HI Guys!

I have just recently launched my new online songwriting course SPIRIT SONGS! It’s unbelievable how many talented people are out there.

I’ve been doing Skype sessions with so many people in the world. They all are amazing.

I’m seeing great results and even better than that, i’m seeing becoming more empowered within themselves. That’s really the main thing we focus on, working on your own boundaries and limitations that you put on yourselves. Hey, Everyone does it.

My vision for Spirit Songs is to create a community of artists that come together and create for the love of art.

The purpose for Spirit Songs is to help unlock the greater creative potential in everyone.

You don’t have to be an artist to create art, we all have potential in doing so. Sometimes it just takes someone else to unlock it..

If you would like to Join the community then you can sign up here at



For those of you who might not feel a calling to create art but just love to be inspired, moved, or watch art being created from the audience.. I am in the process of setting up SPIRIT SOUNDS

Spirit sounds will be the Big Brother to “Spirit Songs.” It will be the umbrella to everything i create. I will talk about how my own  spirituality  shaped the course of my life and about my own inner deepest  thoughts, share some demons and i’ll share what has inspired me also.

I’ll talk about meditation and my experiences, conscious living,conscious eating, Fatherhood, India, and generally touring and travelling around the world.

I will post my own meditation music that i will create purely for the spirit sounds community.

It will all be presented in a video of some sort.

There is a brand new Facebook page – Wes Carr’s Spirit Sounds.

This will be a page that i’ll upload new inspirations and exciting material. Music, art, spiritual stuff… you name it.. it will be good content and something for everyone.

Eventually i’d like to tour Spirit Sounds and bring a whole community of like minded souls together.

For now,

I’ll plant a tiny seed and watch it grow..









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