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My Experience with Transcendental Meditation.

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Most people know i am a big advocate of transcendental meditation. I get a lot of questions about it, so here is a little about my experience with my daily practice.

TM has given me a new me i guess. I was given a mantra by Carol Maher in Sydney and with the practice of TM twice a day (30 mins in the morning, 30 minutes in the evening) i have noticed not only my creativity has increased but my ability to cope with stresses that consume my mind. In the past i’ve experienced depression, anxiety and paranoia and i’ve also discovered just recently i have a condition called Pyrolles Disorder, my body doesn’t produce much zinc and vitamin b6 which starves my brain of all the right “happy” chemicals it needs. TM has played a major role in my life over the last three and a half years by helping me combat depression and anxiety and to clear my mind when it’s full of constant chatter and that “mind fog” we sometimes get when we are tired, sad, angry etc… I also have learnt the flying sutras or the ’sidis’. This is an ancient practice that in my opinion can be even more powerful than the mantra  I have experienced instant manifestation, nirvana or bliss in the matter of minutes in some meditations and also a hightened sense of psychic awareness. TM continually surprises me and in my opinion it is the most powerful tool i acquired over the years to help me just focus and get clarity of mind. I highly recommend when you start the practice to get Maharishi’s book “Science and the art of living” it helped me understand what i was experienceing. David Lynch describes it as getting in an elevator and somebody cutting the elevators cord and you free fall down the shaft. It’s a little like that i guess.
in my opinion, I don’t really think meditation is JUST for relaxation. Deepak Chopra says that The ancient seers that pioneered the technique were not trying to relax, they were already relaxed. Meditation was performed to experience a heightened awareness. During TM you experience a restful alertness, we meditate not to tune out but to tune in, not to get away from everything but to experience everything.It’s an inner wakefulness an inner knowingness. It leaves you feeling fresh, alert and when i started i became very sensitive to all that was around me. It makes you look at life much deeper. There is no interference by the experiences of the past when experiencing pure consciousness. There are vast voids within our bodies, filled with intelligence. The challenge is to bring this intelligence to our everyday awareness. We, as mind body and spirit are more like water, unlimited, ever moving and changing. Thoughts become things, we in the physical are like a wave in an ever bounding vast ocean connected to all, we are all one of the same thing. Our thoughts effect the world just as much as our physical actions if not greater.
I believe Meditation should be introduced in schools everywhere. We should also educate our kids on real life events and give them the appropriate tools to deal with the pressures and nuances of everyday life.

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  1. Chez - 25/10/2014 10:09 pm

    So so interesting! I must look into it more & read that book… I do believe meditation should be introduced into schools especially in this day & age of children growing up it’s such a harsher world than I ever remembered as a kid!! ✌️❤️

    • wes.carr - 02/02/2015 8:30 pm

      Indeed! Huge Love Wes xxx

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