How is anything created?

By a simple idea. How does that idea arrive?

What is your intention, and why?

Facebook, Apple, Uber, the phone, the wheel, etc. They are simple ideas that brought value, from people who were brave and fiercely free in their thinking.

It's usually out of a lack of something that forms the basis of a new creation. Personally, creativity can provide an outlet to turn your pain, lies and assumptions about yourself and others, into unbreakable power.

A simple spark of creativity forms the basis for everything we see, hear, smell and touch around us today, but it is, in many cases heavily challenged, and can be deemed as useless from early childhood. Wes Carr believes that when we kill off creativity early, we not only kill off possibilities of what could be, but we kill off part of the human spirit.

Sadly, the world health organisation estimates that over 800,000 people die by suicide each year, that's one person every 40 seconds.

Wes' Personal Freedom Workshops provide a platform for any individual to channel personal stories into raw expression, on the spot, using original music and thought provoking exercises, from his own 20 years experience in the performing arts.
Wes' WHY.
The workshops inspire anyone seeking an authentic and deeper connection with themselves and others by giving you the permission to be free. The room becomes an orchestra, as everyone participates.

Wes' exercises are designed to access what he calls the "New Edge" within the "creative slipstream between the dark and the light." To release old comforts and limiting beliefs, and celebrate the process more than the outcome.

Since Wes' early teens, he experienced severe anxiety and depression. From childhood traumas, a ride with fame in his mid 20's, he has experienced the very highs and lows of life, and everything in between.

If Wes didn't have a creative outlet as a singer/songwriter he truly believes he wouldn't be here today.

Wes' mission is to spark authentic joy, confidence and freedom in each individual who attends a workshop. He hopes that it may powerfully ripple out in everything they do, and reconnects them to themselves and others.

Why "personal freedom?"

"Personal Freedom" is not defined, it is infinite. Just like creativity, It can only be interpreted by your version of the world. If everything that has happened to you is a gift, how do you utilise that gift in all that you do?
Wes, Thank you for your presentation at the Health & Lifestyle Education Program for Twenty8. I enjoyed watching the transformation of students you worked with. Music is a wonderful, powerful tool to work with to help people to strip back the layers and get 'RAW'. To connect with ourselves and our true purpose. I also loved the 'BS' Box and will utilize this whenever an untruth arises. Straight to the 'BS' Box it goes!! Love the work you are doing Wes!
Jo Menzel
"I often think in music, I live my daydreams in music, I see my life in terms of music."


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