When you allow yourself to get lost in music you step in many emotional directions, whatever the direction, the journey is always magnificent.

Join international multi-award winning singer songwriter and performer, Wes Carr, on a journey with the universal language of music. Your audience will step outside their comfort zone to find the inner artist within and be inspired to unleash their inner creativity, all while having the most fun anyone can have at a corporate event!

Wes will provide a creative and fun environment to engage, inspire, connect and develop people through music. Amongst elements such as choir and rockstar performances, the workshops include the construction of an original song. Using the theme of the event as the song title this is a powerful way to reinforce important business messaging with the involvement of every single member of the audience.

Create a 'best ever' moment at your next event by having Wes Carr deliver a powerful experience which will leave a creative mark on your audience. The universal language knows no boundaries so allow Wes Carr to take your audience beyond ordinary!
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