Wes Carr has worn a lot of hats in the twenty years he's been a professional musician, acoustic troubadour, reality show winner and chart-topping pop star. He has been front man of the Silverchair side project Tambalane and was the nations' sweetheart when he took out Australian Idol.

Wes' ragged, soaring voice recalling Bruce Springsteen and John Lennon coupled with the rambling spirit and storytelling of Leonard Cohen has taken him around the globe and then some. Wes is a man who has walked through the fire, paid more than his share of dues and has emerged on the other side. He has experienced the highs and adulation few of us will ever enjoy. He's ridden the rigors of a spell in the music industry spotlight and has arrived with a bag full of songs, bursting at the seams. Read more


"Hummingbird" Wes notes, is the only bird that flies backwards, with its heart beating over 1000 times a minute.

A fairly apt title for Carr's latest USB Album release.

Hummingbird was also the street name where Carr took solace and escaped city ways. It's been his time to anchor down, re-visit old songs and new, and birth this emotively rich album.

Bunkered down on the Sunshine Coast, Hummingbird is the sharing of intimate tales. Intense character sketches take you from joy to existential fear and every emotional point in between. Raw, honest and at times harrowing. Carr takes flight, back to his beginnings as a troubadour and this album and the frenzy with which it was put together, is a true unshackling for one of Australia's best loved singer/songwriters.
Wes, Thank you for your presentation at the Health & Lifestyle Education Program for Twenty8. I enjoyed watching the transformation of students you worked with. Music is a wonderful, powerful tool to work with to help people to strip back the layers and get 'RAW'. To connect with ourselves and our true purpose. I also loved the 'BS' Box and will utilize this whenever an untruth arises. Straight to the 'BS' Box it goes!! Love the work you are doing Wes!
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