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People of Peace

  • Release date:06-05-2015
  • Label: Independent

A few weeks back I decided to go into the studio and record my new songs I’ve written about situations that have rocked me deeply and touched my soul.

I went into the studio one morning at 7am and by 9:30am the record was done. It’s live takes full of passion and pure, raw emotion from my heart to yours.

My wish for this music is, that if you feel you’d like a copy of the songs please make a donation here to Amnesty International. 100% of profits will go to The Save a Childhood campaign. Supporting children in the detention centres in Australia. YES there are children in these prisons..

Everybody has a human right. We need to come together, not divide and conquer. It doesn’t work. History has proven that. Conquer ourselves by emanating Love and Kindness and the ripple you create can change the world. It starts with you.

Please if you can, leave a kind donation and enjoy my new music from my heart to yours.

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