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Miracles do happen in the City of Angels!

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Like most of the world i have recently discovered the brilliant car service “Uber.” It’s efficient, reliable and safe.

When i got into L.A. i had to take a trip from Santa Monica to Glendale so i called Uber and they were there in no time. On the way to Glendale i was chatting to the very nice driver from Morocco. He was a fan of the guitar. We arrived and it was business as usual, he helped me with my 5 bags and 2 guitars i’ve lugged around the Earth and he was back on the road.
That night i was sitting around with my friends in Glendale and i decided that i would Skype my wife and son back home. So i looked around for my Laptop and it wasn’t there!! i looked everywhere!!  I then remembered that i had left my laptop on the backseat in the Uber car!!!!! Cue anxiety attack, i was freaking out!!!  AND what was worse, i had remembered i left my itinerary and my passport in the bag also!!!!!!!! shit had got real!!!
So my friend calmly looked for the drivers number on the internet because with Uber you get all their details plus their phone number, plates and all.
I took a deep breath and made a big and bold statement that yes i would get it back and i genuinely believed i would after the initial shock of not noticing i hadn’t had my laptop and passport on me all day!
 So we called him, he answered and the nice man from Morocco said the bag was on the backseat and that he would kindly make his way back to Glendale from West Hollywood to return the bag right away, it took him an hour and a half each way. When he arrived, I was so grateful i paid him very handsomely  and hugged him profusely.
The next day i was talking with yet another Uber driver and explained what had happened. He then told me that this sort of scenario never happens and the phone number they give you isn’t their personal phone number and it’s connected with the job and after work they lose their number for good (my driver had finished work hours ago) so it was a miracle that he still had the number, otherwise i wouldn’t have been able to contact him and it would have been a long trip to the Aussie embassy in San Fran, to get another passport in time for my trip back home! The Uber guy i told this to told me that i was “blessed by God,” and that i was on the “right path” and the “angels are really looking out for me this time.” When he said that, i immediately got goosebumps.


Leaving for Kansas City tomorrow..and very thankfully my itinerary laptop and passport all on board with me!!


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